"The Alliance Healthcare Foundation develops challenging, high-risk advocacy programs and year after year we rely on The Monger Company to assist us with strategy and tactics."
Ruth L. Riedel, President and CEO, Alliance Healthcare Foundation


The Monger Company's clients want help navigating the complexities of governmental regulations in order to win approval for their projects. They want to influence public opinion; to shape the terms of public debate on an issue that matters to them. They want to build trust and raise their status within the local community.

We are successful in helping our clients reach their goals through a variety of methods:

Strategic Advocacy

Telling your story to the people who need to hear it

We help clients clarify their message, identify and train credible spokespersons, win the attention and confidence of their target audience, and build long-lasting relationships with influential people and organizations. We also use the mainstream media to broadcast our clients’ attributes, successes, or issues, through press releases and feature stories.

Government Relations

Case study: SBC/Pacific Bell

Strengthening relationships with key political leaders

We help achieve the goals set by each client through our strong working relationships with legislators and government officials at the local, state, and federal levels. Our ability to use diplomacy and common sense to provide an effective strategy for each client's unique situation is why clients continually refer others to The Monger Company.

Corporate Relations

Case Study: The Corky McMillin Companies

Identifying business development and damage control strategies

We help companies and organizations identify their strengths and develop focused business strategies, including branding and advertising—all factors that help people answer the question "what makes this company stand apart from their competition?" The Monger Company is known for, and specializes in, finding ways to turn a negative situation into a positive one.

Community Relations

Case study: Alliance Healthcare Foundation

Shaping and mobilizing public opinion

The influence of community members is often underestimated and underutilized. We have long-term relationships with respected community leaders whom we can approach to inform, educate, and seek assistance from in accomplishing the goals of our clients. Community support can be the determining factor in changing public policy, receiving approval from elected officials, winning a contract, or writing legislation.

Entitlement Processing and

Project Management

The Monger Company has the experience and resources to assist you with the cumbersome process of gaining approval for entitlements and permits for a variety of projects. We also provide project management expertise. As project managers, we organize project consultants to ensure they are working toward making the required deadlines. We also work and meet with City and County staff , as well as serving as your representative in front of community groups and public hearings.

Media Relations

Media relations encompasses the many steps involved in generating productive and balanced news coverage. It begins with understanding the objective of the client as well as what will ultimately peak the interest of various media outlets. We develop press releases and feature stories that capture the media’s interest while communicating our clients’ successes. And just as important is the follow-up contact and media prepping to insure the most balanced presentation possible whether the medium is print, radio, or television.